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Commercial and corporate law

Commercial and corporate law 1


Trade and commerce are the main drivers of business and consumption. They therefore need a strict and comprehensive legal framework. And while the Commercial Law provides such regulation, the need for specialized legal assistance to legal entities and sole traders often arises.

In the field of commercial and corporate law, ‘Sylvia Petkova’ Law Firm offers its clients – legal entities and sole traders a wide range of legal services, including:

  • Advice on starting a business and choosing the appropriate legal form;
  • Preparation of articles of association, articles of incorporation and statutes of commercial companies and management contracts;
  • Advice, preparation of documentation and registration of sole traders, trading companies and non-profit legal entities;
  • Drafting of general terms and conditions and any documents relating to commercial transactions;
  • Legal assistance in the event of default in commercial transactions, including public procurement contracts;
  • Legal assistance in the transfer of company shares and undertakings;
  • Appeals against decisions of company bodies;
  • Legal assistance in liquidation and insolvency proceedings;
  • Drafting of employment contracts, termination of employment and service of documents;
  • Legal assistance in the purchase and sale of real estate in connection with the activities of the sole trader or commercial company;
  • Drafting privacy and cookies policies web pages.
  • Representation in commercial disputes.