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According to the Mediation Act, mediation is a voluntary and confidential out-of-court dispute resolution procedure in which a third party – a mediator assists the disputing parties to reach an agreement.

Subject of mediation might be civil, commercial, labour, family and administrative disputes relating to consumer rights as well as other disputes between natural and/or legal persons, including transnational cases.

When using this procedure, our professionals conduct their activities in good faith, in compliance with the law and the mediator ethical rules, and with good morals, while observing the following principles:

  • voluntariness and equality;
  • neutrality and impartiality;
  • confidentiality.

The procedure shall be initiated by either of the disputing parties.

The court or other competent authority to which the dispute is referred may also make an offer to resolve the dispute using this procedure.

The agreement of the parties to resolve a possible future dispute may also be included as a contractual clause.

The mediation procedure shall be conducted by one or more mediators appointed by the parties.

The disputing parties shall participate in the procedure in person or by a representative. The authorisation shall be in writing.

Lawyers and other professionals may also participate in the mediation procedure.

‘Sylvia Petkova’ Law Firm has both qualified mediators and experienced specialists to provide assistance in conducting this out-of-court dispute resolution method.