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When is the issuance of work and residence permit required?

In today’s global and multicultural world, there is a need to provide opportunities for easy movement from one country to another, as well as for permanent employment in a country other than the country of origin. At the same time, the acute labour shortages, especially of unskilled and low-skilled personnel (blue collar workforce), require the adoption and implementation of benign procedures for granting work and residence permits to third-country nationals.

Sylvia Petkova Lawfirm is an international law firm that has the capacity to provide legal assistance in relation to work and residence permits in ten European countries, namely Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Greece, Poland, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, the Czech Republic and Portugal.

Our firm operates in close collaboration with licensed HR companies and locally registered law firms from Nepal and Pakistan, through which it provides manpower as required and on demand to employers operating in the manufacturing, agriculture and tourism sectors.

For employers: recruitment and legal assistance for the issuance of work and residence permits

According to official data of the Industrial Capital Association in Bulgaria this year our country will need more than 200 000 workers. Many European countries with economies based on manufacturing, agriculture and tourism face a similar challenge, and many of these countries already have well-established practices of importing unskilled or low-skilled workforce from countries such as Nepal, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Ukraine and Moldova.

Through our partner companies licensed to carry out recruitment activities, our law firm offers a comprehensive service in finding a suitable workforce in accordance with the employer’s requirements, including the implementation of dexterity tests and other types of tests and examinations, as well as taking the necessary steps to initiate and successfully complete the procedure for the issuance of work and residence permits to employees selected for employment.

When providing legal assistance with regard to the issuance of work and residence permits, ‘Sylvia Petkova’ Lawfirm assumes the responsibility for the entire process, starting with the recruitment, carried out through the firm’s licensed partner HR companies, going through the market test in accordance with the strict requirements of the law and the preparation of all necessary documentation, to the welcoming of the workers who have received work and residence permits and their employment on a work contract, as well as the subsequent management of all legal issues arising concerning the permits.

We have the capacity to provide legal assistance on projects for the simultaneous recruitment of large numbers of third-country nationals or of a single specifically selected worker.

Our lawfirm provides legal assistance for the issuance of work and resodence permits also in Romania, Serbia, Greece, Poland, Germany, Italy, UK, Czech Repuplic and Portugal. Such solution is suitable for employers whose locations are based in multiple European countries.

Work and residence permits for third – country nationals

‘Sylvia Petkova’ Lawfirm provides qualified legal assistance for the issuance of work and residence permits in favour of foreigners – third-country nationals who have received an offer for seasonal or permanent employment from an employer based in Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Greece, Poland, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Czech Republic or Portugal, which does not have a team responsible for initiating such procedures or does not have the necessary experience to do so.

Work and residence permit issuance procedure

The process of issuance of work and residence permits is regulated mostly by the Labour Migration and Labour Mobility Act,that unfortunatelly still does not sufficiently meet the needs of the labour market when it comes to speed and ease, although in the last few years legislation has provided for significant facilitation.

The procedure for the issuance of residence and work permit goes through the assessment of three state bodies: the Migration Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior Affairs, the Employment Agency and the State Agency for National Security.

In order a work visa for Bulgaria to be issued to a third-country national, several statutory requirements must be met and they are as follows:

  1. Bulgarian citizenship should not be required for the work position;
  2. the total number of third-country nationals in the preceding 12 months should not exceed 20% of all employees. For small and medium-sized enterprises this number should not exceed 35%;
  3. the employer should not offer unfavourable working conditions for third-country nationals compared to those offered to Bulgarian citizens;
  4. the third-country national should have the knowledge, skills and experience required for the job.

Every third-country national has the right, in accordance with the issued work and residence permit, to work on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria for up to three years. This term does not apply to seasonal work, for the issuance of which the work and residence permit procedure is considerably simplified.

If both the employer and the employee wish to continue their employment contract after the expiry of this period, the permit may be reissued.

When it comes to the issuance of long term residence permits as well as for family member visas the Foreigners Act is applied.

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