‘Sylvia Petkova’ Law Firm has a team of young, ambitious and at the same time experienced specialists, who work in compliance with the principles of trust, loyalty, erudition and individual attention towards each client. We use all legal means to protect the rights and interests of our clients to the fullest extent.

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Need a good lawyer?

We are here to help you in all legal areas

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Quality and experience

Criminal law and unlawful detention

Leading criminal lawyers

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Quality and experience

Legal assistance
in commercial litigation

from experienced and dedicated experts

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Quality and experience

Legal assistance
in labor law

Specialized legal assistance

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Quality and experience

before the European Court

of Human Rights

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Subscription services

Representation and legal assistance in every area of the law


Legal aid in endowments litigation, real estate purchase, etc.

Нарушаване на условна присъда

Judicial representation

Criminal law
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Unlawful discharge

Employment lawyer
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Family law

Inheritance disputes

Overdue debts


Legal assistance for administrative penalties.


Court hearings per year

Qualified legal assistance built on experience.

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Satisfied clients

Sometimes you may find yourself in a difficult situation that you cannot resolve without going to court.

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Representation in every area of the law

Legal aid in endowments litigation, real estate purchase, etc.

Адв. Силвия Петкова - Управляващ съдружник - Petkovalegal.com

Silvia Petkova

Managing Partner and Attorney
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Christina Karakoleva

Associate partner and attorney
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Daniel Donis

Labor migration consultant
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Iveta Valeva

Адв. Борис Малинов - Petkovalegal.com

Boris Malinov

Медиатор Лилия Драгоева - Petkovalegal.com

Lilia Dragoeva

Обжалване по обществени поръчки - Petkovalegal.com

Procurement litigation

Procurement procedures are often conducted unlawfully. Our experts provide legal assistance in the preparation of application documents as well as in the procurement appeals.

Съдействие по потребителски спорове - Petkovalegal.com

Assistance in consumer disputes

Our office provides legal aid to consumers and trade companies, incl. through subscription services.

Наказателно право и права на човека - Petkovalegal.com

Criminal law and human rights

We provide highly qualified legal assistance for defendants in criminal cases. We are also experienced in representation before the European Court of Human Rights.

Имотно и строително право - Petkovalegal.com

Property and construction law

We provide various services in the areas of construction, real estate acquisition, property law litigation, etc.

Clients’ reviews

Адвокат Силвия Петкова - Petkovalegal.com
Lawyer: The Prosecutor's Office is acting as a lawyer in the Borisov case - Your Day (21.03.2022)

Lawyer: The Prosecutor's Office is acting as a lawyer in the Borisov case - Your Day (21.03.2022)

Words are not enough to express the professionalism and dedication of Attr. Petkova! She demonstrated exceptional attention to detail even though there were moments that I didn’t insist on such a detailed explanation of my rights, but in the end it turned out that it was worth it. Being my first (and hopefully my last) meeting with a lawyer, I was expecting a much colder and unconcerned attitude, but even on our first meeting I felt like someone was really listening and taking my situation seriously. Even more seriously than I did. Thank you for your great attitude, Attr. Petkova!

Andrian Kurparov | *****

I am grateful for the responsiveness of the team. Their qualified and timely intervention resulted in two won cases for traffic tickets and a solution to the property disputes with my relatives.

Desislava Dimitrova

Exceptional professionals, who are friendly and always willing to listen and help. Professional and honest attitude to the client! They respond promptly and give professional advice professionally. I recommend the services of the law firm.

Petya Ivanova | *****

Very good! I recommend them – honest and dedicated! They explain as much as possible and are also patient and helpful. And last, but not least they keep their promises in the shortest time possible.

Hatice Halim | *****

The trade company I represent is using the subscription legal services offered by the law firm. So far we have received only professional aid, attention and courteous attitude as well as timely and sometimes even flash responses to our problems. With their help we have also had several successful proceedings before the Consumer protection commission and the courts. We are grateful for the good work!

Tsvetanka Metodieva | *****

As soon as I saw you on Slavi’s show I knew that you were my lawyer. I am very impressed by your dedication to your profession and by the attitude you have towards your clients. Thank you, Attr. Petkova. I highly recommend you.

Desislava Dimitrova | *****

Exceptional professionalism and punctilious work. Attr. Petkova is suitable for you if you are in a situation that needs a serious attitude, quick response, easy communication and the certainty of bringing things to success. I recommend her for sure!

Teddy Yaneva | *****

I asked two questions on Attr. Petkova’s website. I received quick and comprehensive responses to both questions. Thank you! The questions were related to our daily routine, our work and are useful for it as we have honey and bee production stores in Plovdiv and Varna. I am thankful to Attr. Petkova as her advices contribute to better consumer satisfaction with our products.

Miroslav Balchev | *****

I am extremely grateful for the professionalism and good attitude to the client from Attr. Sylvia Petkova. Thanks to her, my mother now sleeps peacefully as she is not worried that my sister and I will go into debt because of her loans. Attr. Petkova explained to us how things are in a very normal and understandable language and we now know how to act and what to expect. Thank you Attr. Petkova for everything you have done for us and are about to do. My whole family and I wish you much professional success and happy clients because you deserve it! Thank you!

Milena Bonova | *****

I am extremely satisfied with the services of Attr. Petkova. She explains in common language so that the client can understand what action will be taken. She handled my case with great professionalism and care and was able to win a very difficult case.

Irena Pavlova | *****

Attr. Petkova is an extremely well - prepared specialist who has a personal attitude towards the client and a great desire to successfully solve their problem. Thanks to her dedication and extensive knowledge of international law, we were able to achieve the reversal of the unlawful actions and police arbitrariness of which I was a victim.

Silvia Plamenova | *****

Many thanks to Attr. Sylvia Petkova! I was a surety on a loan and the debtor stopped paying the loan payments, went abroad and could not be found. The bank, through a bailiff, garnished my salary. I contacted Attr. Sylvia Petkova, who took my case and reacted extremely quickly, and within a few days, the attachment was lifted and the withheld amounts were refunded to me. Thanks to her professionalism and quick response, I no longer feel threatened by someone else's debts.

Nataliya Teneva | *****

Our law firm provides various legal services

All areas of activity

Criminal law

  • Help for defendants
  • Court representation
  • Detention
  • House arrest
  • Penalty accumulation
  • Early release

Administrative Law

  • Traffic tickets
  • Police detention
  • Consumer disputes
  • Competition protection
  • Procurement
  • Data protection and GDPR

Civil law

  • Property law
  • Family and inheritance law
  • Employment law
  • Commercial litigation
  • Overdue debts
  • Subscription services

International law

  • European arrest warrant
  • Transfer of sentenced persons
  • Transnational crimes
  • Court of human rights
  • EU Court referrals
  • Recognition of verdicts

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“The law is the art of creating equality and justice, and the lawyer has been their protector from time immemorial until today.”



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Our lawfirm provides various legal services

Our experts will represent you in civil law cases such as divorce, child and spouse support.

Court representation

In combination with the excellent theoretical knowledge, our lawyers use their solid legal experience obtained from working in various courts in Sofia and in the country.

Protection against arbitrariness

Our office has a history of successful representation against police arbitrariness.

Cases of public interest

We provide legal services in many cases of public interest.

Business protection services

Our experts provide priority and highly qualified legal services to corporate clients.

Our experts have been represented in the media.

The firm’s specialists are often invited to comment on cases of public interest. They also give their contribution to the scientific and practical aspects of the law.